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The Toronto Eco Fair will Choose Reuse with Muuse again this year !!

Here's how it works for vendors:

Step 1 - Select the dish ware you require (link at bottom of the page), see item descriptions first.


Step 2 - You will receive a bin with all of your order, clean and ready to be served.

Step 3 - Showcase and serve your food on the reusable dishware, ask customers to "just place in a Return Bin when your done".


Step 4 - At the end of the event just return the clean dish bins and clean leftovers to the Muuse booth.


Here's What Items That Will Be Available

The handle makes for easy carrying.

Vendors receive items that  are  pre-washed and ready to use.

If the form didn't show up, please click on the link below:

Plates are 9 Inches wide and 1/2 Inch deep.

Please Note: We can provide coffee cups and takeout containers but the customer will have to borrow from our booth prior to serving the food.

Forks are 7.5 Inches long and durable.

Cups are "frosted" and serve 12 Oz.

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