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making reuse second nature in Canada

Ending single-use waste, together.


Event Services

Through our dishware rental services, reusables become the default;  eliminating on-site food & drink packaging waste for any size event. 

We work with event planners, venues,  caterers, & more!


Open City

(Mu)users can borrow for FREE, for up to 30 days & return to any participating location.

50+ locations in Toronto ON, 10+ locations in Banff AB​

The Open City network connects consumers to retailers with shared reusable packaging that is FREE to borrow, and prevent thousands of otherwise single-use packaging from entering the waste stream.

50+ Locations in Toronto!

Building A Banff Borrowing System

The Basics:
How to Muuse


Scan to borrow packaging for FREE at participating locations


Enjoy unlimited borrows, each for up to 30 days


Return to any participating location where it is washed and made available again

We champion reuse through agile, proactive partnerships.

Building towards a BETTER future

Banff Borrows unites community partners in sustainability


Banff, located in Canada’s first National Park, is proud to announce the launch of "Banff  Borrows," a reusable cup program preventing single-use waste & litter

Order on Uber!


Now you can order you favourite Uber Eats dishes in reusables!

Collection Service for Used Reusables


With our home and office pick-up service, it's easier than ever to choose reuse. We’ll come to you to pick up your items, so you don't have to worry about returning them!

Making Reuse
Second Nature

Ending single-use waste, together.

Making Reuse
Second Nature

Ending single-use waste, together.

Cut down waste

Not only does our reuse and return system say goodbye to overflowing waste, but also reduces the resources and energy needed for waste treatment.


Lead the way

Be the front-runner in the reuse movement, showing new ideas and building strong bonds with everyone involved. Show you're ahead and in tune with the growing need for eco-friendly options.


Create a ripple effect

By choosing reuse from the get-go, you also opt to cut down on raw materials production, save water, reduce transport costs and emissions that ultimately help preserve nature and regenerate our planet.


Make it circular

With an average of 98% return rate, we extend the lifetime of our containers and turn every item's journey into a seamless cycle of reuse, which mitigates the environmental impacts of consumerism.