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Million times thank you to everyone

involved in this incredible reuse journey

1980 - 2021

In honour of our Founder,

Brian Francis Reilly

Reuse is not a new idea. From our tableware at home, to across the world with milkmen, dabbawalas, and tingkat. We’ve been reusing for decades, but our lifestyles and economies have made throwing it all away too easy.

Our mission is to make reuse so simple and convenient that it becomes the norm. With you, we are shaping convenient reuse down to every last detail. From our reusables to our app, to logistics and operations, we are constantly developing our system to deliver better solutions for people, businesses, and the planet.

The beginnings

We first met in 2018 as a group of food-loving surfers in Bali, frustrated with the vast amount of waste floating in our oceans. The sight was all too familiar: the same takeaway packaging we saw that very morning, lining the shores and polluting the waters. From this, came Muuse – the future of Multiple Use.


We thought it was enough by doing our part, diligently separating our recyclables… but the truth is, that we don’t know what happens once it leaves our hands.


Most packaging is not designed for easy recycling. Today, only 2% of recycled plastic gets to regain its previous lease of life. Most single-use packaging are instead downcycled, thrown into landfills or washed into the environment. That’s 8 million tonnes of plastic entering the oceans every single year. That’s the equivalent of a truckload of plastic being continuously dumped into the ocean, at every single minute!


One packaging item may feel inconsequential, but not when you look at the big picture, with the world’s usage combined. Enormous amounts of energy, transport, and labour are invested into packaging – only to be discarded after just one, single use. It is estimated that by 2050, our exponential rate of plastic use will cost 15% of the global annual carbon budget

The more we researched, the more we realised that it’s so much more than cleaning up the waste we find – the system has to change. And to that, our answer: reuse.

Here at Muuse, we want to make reuse a reality in our everyday habits, communities, and economy.

The better way

– reuse

All about the Muuse magic

We developed our very own formula to incorporate today’s needs into the age-old practices of reuse: reuse enabled by technology. 


By tagging each reusable with a unique QR code, the Muuse solution can be deployed at scale with the ability to detail environmental impact for our Muusers.  


What does this mean for you? You can conveniently Muuse for free, track your personal impact, and enjoy exclusive Muuse discounts!

Why reuse
with Muuse?

Happy you asked! Every time you Muuse, you build a whole community of sharers. Together, we use less, more efficiently by making full use of items that are already in circulation.


Every decision to Muuse is a better one for our planet. Reuse is much less emission and energy intensive as compared to single use when considering lifecycles from production, usage, to retirement. By using just 1 reusable over and over again, we collectively avoid hundreds of packaging waste from entering the landfills and our environment.  


With all of our ambition, the #ReuseRevolution would only be possible with all puzzle pieces coming together: places offering reusables, the systems and operations that keep it running… and you, our Muusers, keeping the circular reuse train going!

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