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Frequently Asked Questions

Hong Kong FAQs

How do I contact Muuse if I face any issues? 

You can email or DM on Instagram if you encounter any issues! We will get back to you within 1 working day. 

What discounts do Muusers get?

Enjoy discounts and exclusive Muuse offers when you choose reuse, and keep a look out for special freebies on Muuse Mondays at Taikoo Place!

Follow and check your Muuse app for the most updated discounts!

Are reusables safe during COVID?

Global health experts have given assurances that reusables are still safe to use.


Similar to dine-in crockery, we work with our cafe & restaurant partners to ensure cleaning is in accordance with government regulations.

Why must I add my card details in the Muuse app?

We hold this info to guarantee the cost of our reusables if they're not returned within 30 days.


Similarly to a public library system, you'll receive reminders before your item is 'overdue'. If you still wish to keep it, you'll be charged accordingly.

Where can I return Muuse cup?

Check your Muuse app for return locations near you!

How is Muuse making a difference?

Around 46.4 million single-use plastics are disposed of in HK every week, and most of this cannot be recycled.


At Muuse, we believe that even simple daily choices like reusable cups have an outsized impact on our planet.

How are Muuse & Swire Properties involved?

Muuse and Swire Properties have a shared mission to replace single-use packaging with eco-friendly alternatives.


Muuse has enabled a free, membership-based system of reusable cups for takeaway in Taikoo Place.

Is Muuse planning to expand in HK?

Yes! We are actively looking for closed-loop partnerships similar to our collaboration with Swire Properties at Taikoo Place. 

Reach out to our Hong Kong Lead at for a non-obligatory discussion.

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