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Frequently Asked Questions

Toronto FAQs

How do I contact Muuse if I face any issues? 

You can email or DM on Instagram if you encounter any issues! We will get back to you within 1 working day. 

Is it free to Borrow our reusables?

Yes it is! Just download the free Muuse app, add your card details or Apple Pay, and start borrowing our reusables immediately. 

Want even more convenience? Sign up for our reusable pick-up service at $8 / pick-up or $60 for a whole year of monthly pick-ups. 

Why must I add my Card Details or Apple Pay?

We hold this info to guarantee the cost of our Muuse reusables if they're not returned within 30 days. This also enables us to continue providing our reuse system for free for all Torontonians!


We'll notify you via multiple reminder emails before your reusables are marked as “overdue”.

What discounts and benefits do I get for Muusing?

Enjoy discounts and exclusive Muuse offers when you choose reuse!

With our home and office pick-up service, it's easier than ever to choose reuse. We'll come to you to pick-up your items, so you don't have to worry about returning them.

Follow and check your Muuse app for the most updated discounts!

Do I need to wash my Muuse reusables before returning?

If you can give it a rinse that'll be great, but if not no worries! You can return your Muuse reusables at our Return Points in any partner cafe for washing and sanitization.

Check your Muuse App to find return points near you!

Are reusables safe to use?

All  Muuse partner cafés have been assessed by their local public health inspector!

All facilities wash according to ontario Food Premises regulations and Toronto Public Health reccomendations.

Why Muuse in Canada?

Canadian consumers want convenient yet sustainable alternatives to their favourite activities. And 87% of them are concerned about single-use plastics. 

That's why Muuse has been embraced so enthusiastically in just a few months!

What's good about the Muuse Cup?

The Muuse cup comes in 12 oz and 16 oz sizes. It comprises a double-walled stainless steel body & polypropylene lid, making it perfect for your hot latte or iced tea.

It's also suitable for commercial dishwashing and end-of-life recycling!

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