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Muuse is a Reuse Platform, that is totally free to use

To Go Meals

1-1.5L Freezer & Microwavable

Insulated Cups

8oz, 12oz, 16oz Stainless Steel

Takeout Contaniers

1.2L Stainless Steel

No Costs For Users

Free and fast is the name of the game for products on the Muuse platform.

No Tech For Staff

We've solved for staff turn around, language barriers, and speed of transactions.

Supplier Agreement Friendly

We work alongside and with suppliers to make sure all services are delivered.

Made For Easy Adoption

No App

No app required to borrow and return, sign-up takes less than 30 seconds!

Universal Packaging

Universal cups and containers can be returned to any participating location.

Live Support

Live support is provided directly to customers through our interface.

Intuitive User Experience

Fast and easy to follow process to borrow and return items.

Highly Durable

Long lasting materials make for a truly sustainable design and experience.

Global Standards

Setting high standards in design and operations of a reuse system

Flexible Wash Solutions

Collection, washing and logistic options that are carbon and budget friendly.

Return On Investment

Our circular model favours durability and produces financial returns.

Event Products

Cups, Plates, Cutlery & More

Pizza Boxes

13", Very Durable

Custom Products

Reflect Your Unique Needs

Sustainability, Delivered.

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