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We’re providing free reusable takeaway for customers at our very first Hawker Centre project! This pilot project is in partnership with the Hawker Centre at Our Tampines Hub, managed by Kopitiam, part of the FairPrice Group.

Reuse at the

Our Tampines Hub Hawker Centre! 

Start Muusing Today.

100% Free. No Deposit Needed.

Ecofund x Muuse FAQs

Who do I contact if I face any issues? 

Please reach out to the Muuse Singapore team via WhatsAppTelegramInstagram, or Email. We'll get back to you within 1 working day! 

Is Borrow A Cup available for all beverages at NUS Starbucks?

You can borrow a reusable cup for any hot or cold drink, in Tall or Grande sizes. Unfortunately, we’re not able to offer reusable cups for Venti drinks for this pilot.

Is is free to Borrow a Cup?

Yes it is! Just download the free Muuse app, add your card details or Apple Pay, and start borrowing a reusable cup immediately. 


In addition, you get $0.50 off each beverage purchased*. There is no need to purchase any subscription or place any deposit.


*Starbucks T&Cs apply.

Why must I add my card details in the Muuse app?

We hold this info to guarantee the cost of reusable cups if they're not returned.


We'll notify you via multiple reminder emails before a cup is “overdue”. If you still wish to keep it after 30 days, you'll be charged $4 SGD per Starbucks cup.

How do I return my Starbucks reusable cup?

You can return your borrowed cup to any of the six Muuse dedicated return stations on campus.

There's no need to scan or wash your cup to return it. Just empty any remaining liquids into our return station, and drop your cup in! 

We'll send you a return confirmation via the Muuse app within 3 days. 

Where are the 6 Return Stations located?

Science & Medicine:​

  • Wet Science Starbucks

  • LT27 Bus Stop

CDE & Central Library:​

  • Techno Edge Starbucks

  • Outside LT6 at Engineering Blk 4 Lvl 4

UTown & Yale-NUS: 

  • UTown Starbucks

  • UTown Bus Stop

How are the cups cleaned? 

We empty our Return Stations daily to ensure they remain sanitary. 

The Starbucks reusable cups are then Cleaned & Sanitised at over 85°C by an NEA-licensed third-party partner, in line with international standards (ISO 45001:2018).

After cleaning, each cup undergoes Quality Assurance  checks before they are restocked in stores.

I’ve returned my cup but the Muuse app still says it’s borrowed

Please allow us up to 3 days to mark your cup as returned within the app.


This enables us to empty the return stations around campus, professionally clean and sanitise your cups, and re-stock them in Starbucks stores!

Can I return a Starbucks reusable cup to other Muuse partner cafes?

No, please return the Starbucks cup to the dedicated return stations around NUS.

Similarly, please do not return the Muuse stainless-steel reusable cups to the return stations in NUS as these are separate systems. 

How does it work?


directly from participating stalls,
or from our Muuse Booth! Halal containers are also available
at the Muuse Booth.


your food, without any takeaway fees! You are free to use the container at any eatery of your choice.


at the return locations at Our Tampines Hub for professional cleaning within 30 days.

We’ve got Halal reusables for the first time ever!

Our green containers were specifically brought in for Halal food only — something that we are very excited to finally offer on our reuse platform! 💚


Making reuse accessible to the different communities is really important to us – especially at Hawker Centres, an important place for food & culture in Singapore, and for diverse communities and cultural backgrounds 🇸🇬


Although there have been multiple factors to consider – like cleaning and logistics, how users return, and how we ensure integrity in our system while protecting user convenience – this was the perfect opportunity and we’re really glad to see it all successfully come to life!

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