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How does it work

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Webapp FAQs

How do I contact Muuse Singapore if I face any issues? 

Please reach out to us via WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, or Email. We'll get back to you within 2 working days! 

What discounts do Muusers in SG get?

Muuse partner cafés often offer discounts or freebies when you Bring Your Own (BYO) or opt for a reusable item. 

Enjoy these discounts and more exclusive Muuse offers when you choose reuse!

Follow and check your Muuse app for the most updated discounts!

Are reusables safe during COVID?

Global health experts have given assurances that reusables are still safe to use.


Similar to dine-in crockery, we work with our cafe & restaurant partners to ensure all cleaning is in accordance with government regulations.

Is Muuse free to use?

Our mission is to make reusable packaging convenient and accessible. There's no need to purchase any subscription or deposit to borrow our reusables for takeaway!

For using our reusables via delivery with GrabFood and foodpanda, a Muuse Pro subscription is needed. Enjoy the first month free – the perfect time to give it a try!

Why must I add my card details in the Muuse app?

We hold this info to guarantee the cost of our reusables if they're not returned within 30 days.


Similarly to a public library system, you'll receive reminders before your item is 'overdue'. If you still wish to keep it, you'll be charged accordingly.

How do I know how long I have left to return?

You can borrow any number of Muuse reusables for 30 days each. Check your ‘My Activity’ page in your Muuse app to track when you need to return.

How to borrow

Ask the staff for a Muuse reusable

Request to takeaway in our food box and/or cup!

Scan the QR code
on the reusable

Card details are only needed as a guarantee. There are no hidden charges, we promise! 

Done! Enjoy BYO offers with less waste.

Promotions & offers vary across locations, so ask a friendly staff member for more!

How to return

Scan the QR code on the reusable

Just like how you scanned to borrow. Easy peasy! 

Scan the return location’s QR code

This will verify where you’re returning your item to.

Drop it off for professional cleaning

All done! Thank you for choosing reuse and reducing waste with us!

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