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We've all seen the overflowing waste bins, trash scattered around the street or park... It reflects poorly on events that are otherwise extremely beneficial for our communities and culture.

We can do so much better!

Muuse provides a catalog of full service reusable dish and drink wares so that your event can be remembered for all the right reasons. 

Let's Change the Toronto Event Experience!

How Does It Work?

Place your order, this will help us determine availability and create a quote.

We'll respond ASAP with a quote for your event! We'll answer any questions you may have about sizing, vendor communications, on-site attendee communications, etc.

We deliver to the place and time agreed, and either set up your staff with some training or provide staff for you. We'll provide signage and reurn station locations, and set you up for success.

After the event we pick up all of the items, wash them, and make them available for the next awesome event!

You'll order again because it was an amazing experience for all!

"When you look at your garbage bins at the end of the day and they are less than half of what you're used to, you realize this Muuse thing really works and is going to have a huge impact!"
Phil Suos - Organizer
Street Eats Market

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Start Muusing across Toronto today

Join the #ReuseRevolution today.

100% Free. No Deposit Needed.

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